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You are the Path.

Imagination Training 

Mindscape Sessions integrate elements of role playing games, lateral thinking, and coaching tools for personal transformation. They are designed to...

"The gentle and safe space created in the Mindscape session was an effortless and relaxed way to explore some ideas that I don't often spend time with, and sneakily get deeper than expected!"  

- Bessie

  • Strengthen your imaginal and lateral thinking ability

  • Connect with archetypes and ancestors

  • Release old beliefs and patterns

  • Discover hidden dreams and desires

  • Identify opportunities for growth

Welcome to the Gamification of Personal Development!

Curiosapiens transforms personal development into an adventure by integrating gaming elements to engage mind, body and spirit. Through the framework of the game, there is permission to be present, vulnerable and open to possibility. As we engage our full intelligence to explore the big questions and deep desires that move us through life, we fine-tune our compass.  

Gamified Coaching Elements:


  • Role-play and guided make-believe

  • Dice (randomisation and roleplay)

  • Cards (tarot, animal companions, values)

  • Character sheets

  • Creative challenges

  • Memory-training techniques

  • Lateral thinking exercises

  • Coloring activities with prompts

"Aubrey's "Mindscape" process where she uses intuitive visualisation (hers and mine) to support me break out of stuck or unproductive thinking - fast!  I discover solutions within me that I did not know I had."

- Anne       

  • Immerse in metaphors

  • Strengthen the vision of your minds eye

  • Get to know your internal community of archetypes and ancestors

  • Release old beliefs and patterns

  • Discover hidden desires

  • Connect with guiding values

  • Identify opportunities for growth

  • Create actionable steps and strategies for transformation

Mindscape sessions are designed to support you as you....

Spring 2020 special

60-minute session

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Mindscape developed from the belief that imagination is a powerful muscle that can be developed for personal transformation.  Sessions are designed to support you as you playfully explore the depths of your imagination, develop your creative courage, and ignite passion for your personal evolution.

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  • All coloring pages and activity sheets as they are released

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