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I support people of all ages in developing imaginal and lateral thinking skills, and strengthening their SELF (Social and Emotional Learning Foundation): self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship-building and decision-making.

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Unless otherwise arranged, all sessions take place over Skype, Zoom, or over the phone. 


At a fork in the road? Connect with your greater purpose and the core values that are needed to navigate! 

This session is ideal for...

  • Connecting with a larger vision for your life

  • Identify goals and milestones 

  • Playing with possibility

  • Clarifying priorities, values and needs

  • Awakening excitement for the path ahead!


Sessions include original Curiosapiens coaching tools: 

Navigation session

90 minutes

$120 usd

+Printable Scan/Photo of your Map


  • Post-Session notes 

  • Creative challenges

  • Resources for further exploration


Integrate elements of role playing games, lateral thinking, and coaching tools for personal transformation. 

Sessions are designed to: 

  • Strengthen your imaginal and lateral thinking ability

  • Connect with archetypes and ancestors

  • Release old beliefs and patterns

  • Discover hidden dreams and desires

  • Identify opportunities for growth

"The gentle and safe space created in the Mindscape session was an effortless and relaxed way to explore some ideas that I don't often spend time with, and sneakily get deeper than expected!"  - Bessie

Standard session

60 minutes

$75 usd

+ Free recording sent to you

Super session

60 minutes

$100 usd
+ Free recording sent to you


  • Narrative post-session notes

  • Creative challenges

  • Resources for further exploration

Coaching Packages


What you get: 

  • All coloring pages and activity sheets as they are released

  • 25% discount on 1-1 sessions

  • Group coaching calls and patron-only webinars

Explorers Club



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$10 USD 


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