Typical conferences are all about listening and lecturing, just like the standard school model.

When Curiosapiens is invited along, however... conferences become rich opportunities to engage creativity, expand possibility, connect authentically, reflect and play. 

There are a number of ways you include Curiosapiens in your conference: ​

Ice Breakers and transition activities


Add in a few short and silly transition activities throughout the day to ensure energy is fresh and participants are engaged!  This can also include authentic connection exercises and opening and closing moments, to ground the events of the day in human connection and big-picture thinking.  

Brainstorm and Prototyping sessions 


Group learning and collaboration is made more fun when participants can engage their creativity, and gamify their innovation!  Calling on a number of practices and methodologies, brainstorm and prototype sessions are transformed into adventures of actualization.

Creativity Corner


Within a full day of listening, learning and talking, sometimes you just need to get out of your head.  Whether you take a few minutes to sit and color, or you embark on a creative challenge with a peer, adding a creativity corner to your conference, you can take the mental breaks you need to stay engaged. 


Think Hard Speakeasy




Coloring Club

Pop-Up Portrait Studio