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Team coaching

Communication for Remote Teams

4 sessions

6 sessions

Navigating Transformation

- Change-Management

Philosophy & Approach

Creative Fitness for Life-Long Learners




Imagination provides access to the possibility.

Those who dare to dream are those who shape the future and shift the old narratives that hold them back from experiencing their full potential. 


Creativity is the process of actualization

It can be a messy and surprising form of communication, as we learn to translate the swarm of ideas and images in our minds into something that others can hold onto.  


Play connects us - to others, to ourselves, and to the present moment. To play is to actively engage with what's happening, without the burden of ego-driven judgements. 

Choose your own adventure!

session types

At a crossroad in life? 

Create your map and tune your compass! 

Mindscape sessions are kind of like Dungeons and dragons in a Memory Palace with a transformational agenda.  Intrigued? Learn more!

Jump start your creativity!  These sessions are perfect for early stages of a new creative project or business idea. 

  • Brainstorm and harvest ideas

  • Break down creative blocks

  • Set goals and establish accountability

  • Create outlines and timelines

  • Light a fire under you!

Unless otherwise arranged, all sessions take place over Skype, Google Hangout, or over the phone. 

Session Pricing

(all session types)

To ensure services are accessible, all sessions are available at multiple price levels.

Please choose a price point that best reflects your ability to pay, based on your individual circumstances

Standard session (60 minutes):  

40 USD-  1 hour basic

60 USD-  plus email with basic notes and resource

80 USD  plus illustrated notes and creative challenge

100 USD - Mindscape Only: narrative notes (Sample)

Package: Catalyst/Drawing Board/Level 1: 150

3 sessions: 1 navigation, 1 Mindscape, 1 Catalyst to jumpstart a new beginning.

complete with notes, creative challenges and resources for deeper exploration.

If cost is still a barrier for you, fear not!  I am dedicated to offering my services to those who need it.
Get in touch to learn about discounts and payment plans!


"My experience in doing coaching work with Aubrey and Curiosapiens has never been anything short of delightful.  Aubrey has a playfulness and a quick imagination that allows her to very quickly suggest journeys once checking in with my current state of mind and questions.  The art of being able to listen and then move in a loving and kind way through unexpected adventures of the mind and heart is unique and rare.  


Each coaching session has been a surprise that lasts for weeks in my consciousness, affecting the way I approach my day to day life.  And I feel held and heard by Aubrey every time we speak.  I can tell and feel that she believes in my strengths and is interested in my personal freedom and expansion."        


"It was wonderful! Aubrey is an extremely patient and attentive listener who effortlessly and imaginatively invites you to explore areas of your past, and even gently and positively push you to conquer any difficult terrain you may find on your journey. At the end of my session, I had so many realized feelings and validations that I felt I could take on anything fearlessly. She gave me my confidence back.

I loved the imaginative quality of the work. I often tend to retreat into my memories for comfort, so using this format felt natural for me. What I found the most engaging though, was going to a memory, focusing on details on that memory, and then using those discoveries and transplanting those discoveries into the matter at hand." 


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Philosophy & Approach
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