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Your Curious Companion


Aubrey Vora

Hi! I'm Aubrey and I'm a Curiosapien.  

I think Existence is a pretty neat mystery worth exploring, and I am fascinated by the diversity of the human experience. I consider myself to be a student for life and a student of Life, learning from my adventures and encounters with interesting characters along the way. I dedicate my creativity and compassion to the empowerment of my fellow human-folk (in all their shapes, forms, ages and identities!) as they navigate through the twists and turns of life.

Unexpected twists are actually what led me to coaching! In 2011, humbled by Fibromyalgia diagnosis, I turned to my creativity to re-imagine my future, release the past, and re-innovate my self-care practices. This led to illustrating Whimsadoodles, coloring pages for all ages, which transformed life as I knew it!

Since then, I completed my certification for transformational coaching with Leadership that Works and have been coaching individuals and teams, and facilitated workshops, conferences, coloring clubs and special events with people all ages, across the US, UK, EU, Asia Pacific, Africa and beyond. My experiences have really shown me the transformational power of creativity, imagination and play.  This led to developing Mindscape, a "gamified" approach to coaching that integrates elements of gaming to support clients in stretching their imagination and strengthening their creative courage. 
I am currently nomadic, coaching with individuals and teams both remotely and in person, and creating new coloring pages and resources for educators and fellow curiosapiens. This enables me to keep balance, as well as offer my services to cause-driven organisations in countries around the world. And the adventure is far from over!

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