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2020 Update:
The Covid Pandemic kicked off while iBully was in final stages

of development. Sign up for updates as we re-innovate this

musical intended for school assemblies!

iBully is a musical written for elementary school audiences.


It shines a light on the issue of self-bullying and offers tools for managing the inner critic and negative self-judgement


Maddy Moon is giving us an *inside* look at the EPIC final moments of the annual 6th grade Innovation Fair!  This enthusiastic 5th grader is deep into her research project, testing the hypothesis that everyone has a bully - inside!

She introduces us to Jess, Taylor and Riley, and their inner bullies who are determined to sabotage their chances a success and happiness.  As each kid faces their bully, they learn (ant teach) valuable lessons about managing negative self-criticism, being true to themselves and standing up for others.



45 minutes, 7 Songs

Appropriate for all ages, best for ages 10-14 (grade 4-8)


This can be performed by adult or youth actors

Final production package will Include: 

  • Script and Score, with production notes

  • Script written for 5 - 10 actors

  • Music written for Guitar/Ukulele and Piano

  • Instrumental tracks for stage and classroom!

  • Vocal tracks featuring songwriters

  • DIY Puppet instructions

  • Classrooms activities for continued learning


The show and accompanying classroom activities promote STEM learning and align with the core competencies for Social and Emotional Learning:

self-awareness, self-management, relationship-building,
social awareness and responsible decision-making. 

Creative Team


Aubrey Vora



Travis Puntarelli

Bloomington, IN


Dave Fink

Chicago, IL



Dawnya Clarine

Sandpoint, ID


Madeline Tasquin

Oakland, CA / Montreal

Musician / Coach


Jeff Oliveira

Chicago, IL

Musical Collaborator 

& Educator


Andrew Sa

Chicago, IL


James Huang

Musical Collaborator


Social impact

iBully...and so do you!


Time moves fast and before we know it, these kids with bright eyes will be adults with big ideas – ideas that will impact us directly, as well as the world we share.  Because our world grows more complicated every day, it is imperative that we provide young people with the support and tools needed to navigate. 


This show was created to provide students and teachers with tools for managing negative self-judgement, bullying, and pressure from adults.  With an increase in teen depression, anxiety and suicides in recent years, it is clear that students need more support in developing resiliency. 

To make this rather heady, abstract subject accessible to kids, the shows lessons were shaped around Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personally

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Always do your best. 

When practiced, these simple resolutions can resolve conflicts, both internal and external, and develop a resilient growth mindset.  

We believe that transformation starts with Self, and it is our hope that iBully will support both students and teachers in developing the skills needed to build a compassionate, innovative future for us all. 

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