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Patreon is a way to pay your favorite creators for making the stuff you love.


monthly subscriptions

empower me to:


  • Coloring pages

  • Coaching tools

  • Classroom activities

  • Educational Theatre and more!


  • Visit classrooms and youth programmes

  • Volunteer with grassroots projects 

  • Host free community coloring clubs

  • Offer free workshops to schools & nonprofits

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Subscription Levels


($1 per month)

Welcome to the Curiosapiens community! 


Monthly rewards: 

All new coloring pages, plus...

  • New Whimsasoodles coloring page (1-2 monthly)

  • Patron-only Newsfeed and updates from the road 


Joining Bonus!   (one-time reward)

Whimsadoodles Starter Kit! 10 coloring pages (PDF)

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($5 per month)

Monthly Rewards: 

All new coloring pages, plus...

  • Classroom Activities for K-12

  • Monthly Zoom call for educators! Test-run new classoom activities, connect with other teachers and create strategies for a creative, empowering classroom. 

  • 10% discount on Curiosapiens webinars and workshops

Joining bonus! (one-time reward)

Storycraft : Storytelling games and writing prompts using Whimsadoodles coloring pages for classrooms K-12
(PDF download, 10 coloring pages plus activity guide)

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($10 per month)

Welcome to the explorers club!

Learn and grow alongside other curious beings.

Monthly Rewards 

  • All coloring pages

  • Activities and prompts for personal exploration

  • 25% discount on 1-1 sessions

  • Group coaching calls

  • Free access to Bi-monthly webinars

Joining bonus! (one-time reward) 

  • Volume 1 and 2 of Whimsadoodles (PDF downloads)



($20 per month)

Want to support the ongoing development of Curiosapiens and help keep services accessible?   Become a Catalyst!


50% of monthly pledge will going directly into the Pay-It-Forward fund, which supports free workshops and events in the community.

Monthly Rewards:

  • All coloring pages and activity sheets

  • 25% discount on 1-1 coaching sessions

  • Access to the Explorer club calls and webinars

  • Video and email updates from the road:
    Stories, thank you messages and colored pages from classroom visits and workshops in the community!

Joining bonus! (one-time reward)

  • Whimsadoodles postcard, colored by the illustrator and sent to your door! (mailing address required)

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