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Food for Thought

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March 9, 2020

The Winds

Like wind, change is dynamic and hard to grasp. Sometimes, it’s gentle and rejuvenating, clearing the air for new possibilities. Other times, it can sweep you off your feet, howling with wild urgency, as it hurls you into the unknown. While it’s tempting to take cover and wait for the storm to pass, history has shown that those who harness the winds of change are the ones who shape the future.  

With change as a constant companion on this wild journey, we may not know what will come to pass, but we do know that it shall pass. Yes, this too.  So, as we...

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January 6, 2019

Just add pressure

Pressure can get a bad wrap, since so many people are overburdened with it, externally and internally. Too much pressure to succeed, fit in, settle down, or win can strangle the life force out of a life-plan, or push someone to the point of breaking.  On the other hand, not enough pressure can lead to underdeveloped abilities, a lack of drive, or a disempowered sense of self.


In her 2012 TEDTalk, Leymah Gbowee says that what is needed is to create space to unlock the intelligence, passion, and all of the other good things that are held inside. As I think of this statement...


March 19, 2019

Stillness in Darkness

Imagine you are lost in the middle of a dense forest and the light is beginning to fade. You can no longer tell which direction will lead you out, and which will lead you deeper into the wild. As emotions become untethered and hope becomes intangible, your instincts may tell you to stay on the familiar path and avoid the unknown that lurks in the shadows.

However, if you are brave enough to lean into the darkness and find stillness, you may find that your eyes adjust. Before long, the ominous unknown becomes familiar territory and you see that....

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January 22, 2019

Tell me...

As we say goodbye to another brilliant creative spirit, we are again left with the reminder that life is fickle and we are fragile things. Armed with this knowledge, as we face the wild Unknown Next, we can choose to play it safe or we can play to win. It may be tempting to play it safe; to keep a steady pace through life and allow our dreams to satisfy our desires, without risk of disappointment.

However, those of us who value courage and contribution may struggle to stay on the sidelines, or settle for a participation ribbon. We know that the only way to...

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February 25, 2019

Hold Fast, dear dreamer

Being asked to dream big can feel daunting for those who have been disappointed by reality. It’s true that some dreams don’t come true, and others have to adapt to accommodate circumstances. However, the journey to those dreams can bring unexpected opportunities to evolve, expand possibilities, and connect with a greater sense of purpose.

Once, while coaching with an organisation, the team was asking for a major culture-shift and they proposed several changes to their manager. After saying no to every idea, the manager....

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January 14, 2017

Dive into the dance

Change can be chaotic, which is unnerving for those who seek safety in the familiar. Since change isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (or it’s going everywhere, all the time, depending on how you look at it) perhaps it would be wise to get familiar with chaos.

A few years ago, during an especially turbulent time, a friend told me, “what you need now, is to cultivate a core sense of safety that is unwavering and unaffected by outside forces.” I laughed at the the casual way she presented such a massive undertaking, but I also knew she was right. I had a lot of work to do...

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