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"Aubrey has a playfulness and a quick imagination that allows her to very quickly suggest journeys once checking in with my current state of mind and questions.  The art of being able to listen and then move in a loving and kind way through unexpected adventures of the mind and heart is unique and rare.  


Each coaching session has been a surprise that lasts for weeks in my consciousness, affecting the way I approach my day to day life.  And I feel held and heard by Aubrey every time we speak.  I can tell and feel that she believes in my strengths and is interested in my personal freedom and expansion."       

- Alexis

"It was liberating to be able to skip into a fantasy world, and then into a future fantasy without being bogged down in more details of reality or context than I wanted. I found myself recognising how clear a vision I had of certain things, and it also raised questions that I have been thinking about since the session and exploring with friends.

The gentle and safe space created in the mindscape session was an effortless and relaxed way to explore some ideas that I don't often spend time with, and sneakily get deeper than expected!" 

- Bessie

"Aubrey is an extremely patient and attentive listener who effortlessly and imaginatively invites you to explore areas of your past, and even gently and positively push you to conquer any difficult terrain you may find on your journey. At the end of my session, I had so many realized feelings and validations that I felt I could take on anything fearlessly. She gave me my confidence back.

I loved the imaginative quality of the work. I often tend to retreat into my memories for comfort, so using this format felt natural for me. What I found the most engaging though, was going to a memory, focusing on details on that memory, and then using those discoveries and transplanting those discoveries into the matter at hand." 

- Dave

"Aubrey is one of the most compassionate and playful beings I have ever worked with. They allow and encourage absolutely anything to be expressed, while guiding me through scenarios that allow me to see outside of me. Their ability to meet me and take me through imaginary worlds has allowed me to take myself less seriously and see myself from the outside looking in. They are a true gift to this world, and I am so glad they are here to help and guide people further into themselves."

- P

"I've worked with several coaches and Aubrey's creativity is a stand-out in my coaching experience. I like to call her colouring pages 'mind shift pages' as she uses drawing and colouring to support mind-shifts. It's been such a treat for me to experience Aubrey's "Mindscape" process where she uses intuitive visualisation (hers and mine) to support me break out of stuck or unproductive thinking - fast!  I discover solutions within me that I did not know I had. So, what have been the results of my coaching experience with Aubrey? I have created an exciting new arm to my business that will launch next month - as well as maintaining and growing the other aspects of my business. Her coaching has resulted in me turning ideas into reality, plans into completed actions. I whole-heartedly recommend Aubrey as a coach with a creative difference!"

- Anne

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