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Welcome to the gamification of coaching! Mindscape sessions are playful, immersive dips into the imagination- kind of like Dungeons and dragons in a Memory Palace with a transformational agenda.  

  • Tame and train your wild imagination

  • Heal deep wounds and face your inner critics

  • Spark new possibilities

Together we will connect with allies, face inner critics, time-travel, teleport and uncover truths along the way. Sessions may also weave in other gaming elements, such as cards, dice, role play exercises, and creative challenges

Integrate elements of role playing games, lateral thinking, and coaching tools for personal transformation. 

Sessions are designed to: 

  • Strengthen your imaginal and lateral thinking ability

  • Connect with archetypes and ancestors

  • Release old beliefs and patterns

  • Discover hidden dreams and desires

  • Identify opportunities for growth

"The gentle and safe space created in the Mindscape session was an effortless and relaxed way to explore some ideas that I don't often spend time with, and sneakily get deeper than expected!"  - Bessie

Narrative Notes

For super sessions, clients are sent a post-session email, with creative challenges, resources for further exploration, and storybook-style narrative notes. 


"The adventures of  Yop and Aubrey: Chapter 1

As Yop and Aubrey and stepped through the portal, they found themselves facing an enormous oak tree.
"Wow," said Yop.  "I know this tree!" 

The  large Oak
used to be next to his childhood home, and he would spend hours playing, climbing and finding peace within it's branches.  At times, it was the only place he felt free to truly be himself.  When he was 12-years-old, the tree was cut down so a large house could take it's place.  Yop was devastated.

Aubrey asked, "
Now that you have a chance to reconnect with the old tree, what do you want most to do?"

Yop quickly ran toward the tree and began to climb to a high but sturdy branch.  Aubrey flew up and hovered next to Yop, who was now closely examining the trunk.  

"I forgot that I had carved a message into the tree before they cut it down.  It's still here." 

Aubrey looked closely but could not make out the words. "What does it say?"
After a moment, Yop replied"it says 'One Day.' and there is a circle beside it. ...It's the moon." 


Yop had forgotten that he once dreamed of going to the moon. Throughought his teenage years, he had told teachers, parents, and friends that he wanted to be an astronaut.  But people's responses were always discouraging, telling him that he wasn't smart enough, or that it was too competitive of a field.  Eventually he believed them, his grades dropped, and he left his dream behind with all of the other "childish" dreams he had. 


"How would you feel about inviting kid-Yop into the tree?"  Aubrey suggested. "I'm curious what he might say."

Yop agreed, and soon they were joined by his 12-year-old self.....

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