Professional Development



life. work. balance
self-care for teams


In the pursuit of individual achievement or collective progress, individual well-being can get overlooked, but healthy individuals make strong teams! This session shines a light on the patterns that support a healthy, happy life.  Together we will look at the pitfalls of self-care and develop strategies for keeping balance - at home and in the office!

Authentic NEtworking
building community at work
Regardless of what role you play in your company, you are a part of a community! This participatory session awakens the playful energy in the office and helps to forge stronger bonds between colleagues. Through "speed-meeting", partner work and group challenges, we will co-create a supportive and empowering atmosphere in the workplace.
the explorer mindset
for Life-long learning
This session introduces the Growth Mindset, and takes it on an adventure by engaging creativity, imagination and play.  Together we will explore failure, disappointment, fear and doubt, and practice the subtle shift in perspective that transforms obstacles into opportunities for personal development. 

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