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Food for thought

Now and Again

Now and Again

by Aubrey Vora

In a world where

Yesterday is the proof

and tomorrow is the plan,

Today lies quietly,

hidden in plain sight,

patiently awaiting


When the stimulation of information

feeds on the need

for validation, connection and possibility,

the pursuit of potential

becomes unrelenting and unattainable.

Before long...

What was once a grand adventure

becomes a blind grope into the unknown.

The joyful thirst for knowledge is forgotten;

replaced by a pounding intellectual hangover.

And that window to the world

is now a cage.

Or so it seems.

Life, as we know it,

is a series of moments:


And now

And now


Not unlike a screen

(this one, perhaps):

A single moment

Refreshing so quickly

It appears Real...

Somehow solid yet still free-flowing.

To break the illusion of Absolute

And embrace relative reality,

Be here now.


To see Here,

look around.

To feel Now,

look within.

To fly free

Just be.

And Breathe...


and again

and again,


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