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Food for thought


One evening Head and Heart were enjoying a wander, when they passed a sign that said "RELEASE."As Head pondered the possibilities for the intention behind the sign, Heart grew anxious, retreating into silence and attaching to Head, like a shy toddler on a leash.

"Heart! What's wrong?" sputtered Head, startled.

"I don’t want to Release! It’s not fair! What or who do I have to lose now?" Heart cried.

"Why do you think you're going to lose something?" Head asked.

Heart sighed,"Because it seems like every time I'm asked to release, I end up having to suffer through some sort of loss or disappointment…”

“Don’t be silly Heart, surely not every time," tutted Head. “Not to mention, ‘Release’ is just an abstract concept that you have attached meaning to based on the societal influences and social-”

“Spare me the lecture, Eisenstein." huffed Heart, "Okay, maybe not every time...but enough times! You were there too. You know how awful it feels, right?”

"No Heart, I don't know how it feels, but I do think that there are a lot of different ways to define a word, and I think your fear is slowing us down. Try to relax and I will try to think you some relief."

Head thought and thought about the concept of Release, turning and twisting it until the word forgot it's own meaning. “To release is to share....”

Soon Hearts beat dismantled the now-meaningless word into simple rhythmic syllables. " Re-Lease... Re....Ah ha!" Head had it! "Heart! The solution wasn’t in the definition, but in the word itself! ‘Release' is a "Re-" word, just like recycle, recharge…”

“React, reboot, relax..." Heart chimed in.

"Yes! And if you recall, that prefix means 'again.' Head explained with a chuckle.

"Right!....So?" asked Heart, confused.

"So! That means to release is to 're-lease'! It's taking out a lease again- just like you would on a home."

"Head, that's interesting, but I don't I understand why this is exciting news."

"It's exciting news, Heart, because to re-lease provides the opportunity to re-negotiate terms and create new conditions of agreement.”

“How does that help us?”

“It helps us find a new dream that can lead the way, out of the muck.” Head said, helping Heart to its feet once more. "It gives us the chance to set new Terms of Fulfillment, so that the direction we head is one that supports us both!"

“Head, I’m not sure I know which direction to trust. I’m not clever like you.” admitted Heart.

"That’s okay, Love. If you can be brave for us, I can be clever."

With that, Head dropped the tether, releasing Heart to roam free once more. Heart skipped ahead bravely as Head composed beautiful could-bes and what-ifs, and soon the two old friends were humming along in sweet harmony. Looking out into the vast night skies, they could rest assured that with a brave Heart and a clever Head, they are free to dream big.

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