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Food for thought

Don't Think.

This is the end result of my first ever Ransom Note poem in 2013. It was created by cutting up words from a book of Jack Kerouac and remixing them until they no longer resembled the original arrangement. Before this, I had always resisted poetry as a form of expression, but this unlocked something within me. Just like playing with magnet poetry, having pieces to play with can unlock new possibilities - and it's a great exercise for both sides of the brain!

If you are feeling blocked, lost or afraid to be seen...this is for you.

Jack Scrap: A poem

The unspeakable knowledge outside your own experience is in its own language, composing something that you feel. But to see your life as you want, visions of your own joy, don't think. Work from within. Remove fear of the genius swimming in your inhibition, and be in love with your wild, undisciplined visionary.

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